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Five Ways to Demotivate Your Employees

Employees that feel appreciated will always go above and beyond to make their company an amazing place to work and do business with. Even managers with good intentions can cause good employees to leave by creating an environment of demotivation. Here are the top five ways to demotivate your best employees. Micromanaging: If your department managers and human resources representatives are thoroughly vetting potential hires and checking references, you’ve likely got a solid team on your hands. What drives capable adults nuts in the workplace? Feeling like big brother is always watching. Archaic practices like monitoring bathroom breaks, web browsing, and cell phone usage send the message that you don’t fully trust the team you have in place. Sure, you can require remote employees to send detailed accounts of what tasks they completed working from home.

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How Your Construction CRM System Will Make or Break You

Being in business more than 40 years, Lindus Construction has had our fair share of CRM (Customer Relationship Management) Systems that we have used. For us, gone are the days of Excel spreadsheets, carbon copy contracts and QuickBooks. As our business grew, we researched and tested various CRM systems for efficiency. Our outcome is a CRM that took us from a company with $15 million in annual revenue to a company with $40 million in annual revenue without increasing internal staff. Think it’s impossible for you? It’s not and we have a solution for you. Lindus Construction migrated over to Salesforce® seven years ago and we haven’t looked back. We knew we had reached maximum potential in our previous CRM systems and had come to the realization that using multiple programs was more taxing on our team than productive.

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Four Company Policies That Will Send Your Best Employees Packing

According to Investopedia.com, it takes 6.2 months to train an employee to a breakeven point. How much more valuable does that make your current long-term employees? Now more than ever, jobs are plentiful. If you don’t recognize that your company’s biggest asset drives out of the parking lot every night, you risk replacing key employees in the future. This not only sets other team members behind and lowers productivity, but company morale also takes a hit. If any of these five policies exist in your organization, don’t be surprised if letters of resignation start rolling in. Death Certificates for Bereavement Leave: While companies can request a death certificate to approve bereavement leave, doing so adds more pain and suffering during a difficult situation.

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Signs You Hired The Wrong Manager

Hiring the right manager is a critical component of employee retention and productivity. Many company owners opt to hire managers from within to make a quick transition. However, just because someone performed well within their previous role, it doesn’t mean they should be a shoo-in for a management position. Equally as true, is that an outsider may not be an ideal fit for a company’s culture. There can also be resentment that an employee that is viewed as capable was passed over for a promotion. If you notice any of the below signs, it’s highly probable that the manager you hired is doing more harm than good for your organization. Those That Report to Them Don’t Trust Them: Managers that are vague with important company or project details quickly lose trust from those that report to them. It’s vital that managers be explicit about the criticalness of an employee’s role and how they contribute to the team.

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How to Hustle Through COVID in the Construction Industry

To say that this last year has been full of ups and downs with the onset of COVID sweeping across the country is a gross understatement. Lindus Construction has been in business for over 40 years in the construction sector and we would be lying if we said that it didn’t come without worry across all fronts of our business. Here is how we overcame what life had thrown at us and had a record year in the face of what seemed like something that could break our legacy.Company Culture: We have always said that our biggest asset to our company are the people who drive out of our parking lot each night. We have always considered our employees an extension of our family. Their success is our success and we took drastic measures to ensure their safety.

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Small Town Construction Business with a BIG DREAM

In 1979, Kevin Lindus was a hog farmer living in rural western Wisconsin working to make ends meet. The challenging economy had caused him to be laid off from his two most recent supplemental jobs. A gifted craftsman, he made a bet on himself and founded Lindus Construction with his wife, Emily. Over 40 years later, the company, located in a town of just over 4,000 people generates $40 million in yearly revenue and has over 150 employees. The company continues to flourish and is now on its second generation of ownership under the leadership of Andy, Adam, and Alex Lindus. Technology isn’t something that is rampant in the construction business. Still in present day a lot of construction companies are managing their business via spreadsheets and multiple programs having to repeat data entry.

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