How to Hustle Through COVID in the Construction Industry
To say that this last year has been full of ups and downs with the onset of COVID sweeping across the country is a gross understatement.

Lindus Construction has been in business for over 40 years in the construction sector and we would be lying if we said that it didn’t come without worry across all fronts of our business. Here is how we overcame what life had thrown at us and had a record year in the face of what seemed like something that could break our legacy.

Company Culture: We have always said that our biggest asset to our company are the people who drive out of our parking lot each night. We have always considered our employees an extension of our family. Their success is our success and we took drastic measures to ensure their safety. It was quite the adjustment for all aspects of our business from having our internal office staff work remotely, having our installers and estimators sanitize their equipment and vehicles and then repeat multiple times throughout the day, but everyone took it in stride. Our team was proud to have been deemed an essential business and worked tirelessly to perform at our stringent standards. As the pandemic progressed, we truly evolved into a stronger organization.

Supply of Materials: Instead of being reactive to what we were seeing with the availability of construction supplies becoming less accessible we took the approach of having conversations early and often with our suppliers. To continue to offer our customers fair pricing, Lindus Construction took the risk of pre-purchasing materials in bulk even though we were uncertain how the pandemic would impact our sales volume. This risk paid off and allowed us to keep our production times on track without sacrificing the caliber of products we offer.

First Time Quality: It is easy to get on the bandwagon of fear when the future is unknown of what may come, but that never stood in the way of our employees continuing to give 110% every workday and providing what we call “First Time Quality” on every job. Our dedication to “First Time Quality” is the foundation for everything that happens at our company. We are devoted to completing the job correctly the first time, going the extra mile for our customers, so that we not only build a customer for life, that our quality of work exceeds their expectations. If it were not for our customers and making them happy with what we offer, we wouldn’t have a business to begin with.

Customer Satisfaction: Now more than ever, the craftsmanship of contractors is being thoroughly examined. With many people moving from their corporate high-rise building offices to their homes, needing a comfortable and quality space to work has never been as essential as it is today. This also means that your customers can critique your quality of work and the installation more than they ever have before. Taking the time to explain our processes and helping a customer with something around their home that wasn’t part of their contract cultivates a relationship that lasts a lifetime. It also speaks to the quality of individuals that work for our company for years, and even decades.

Never give up: Working through obstacles in your business isn’t something new but adjusting to change and being open to the process will not only make you grow, but it will also allow you to understand what you are made of. If you are not taking risks and aren’t open to learning from your mistakes your foundation of growth will be inhibited. It is in our human nature to continue to chase dreams and make those a reality. Go back to the basics of why you opened your business in the first place. Challenges are healthy to keep us on our toes and can be a humbling experience if you approach it in a positive way. Never give up. Push through. Continue to be a great leader that inspires your team to achieve their destiny. You both need each other now more than ever.

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