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Next Level analytics

Good data in means good data out. ContractorFlow prioritizes the data needed for each job, ensures the tool doesn’t block success for your team, and utilizes the data captured to provide you and your leadership the essential analytics to run your business and optimize your team.

Reports and Dashboards

ContractorFlow provides Reports and Dashboards that are focused on the key performance indicators for contractors, removing the noise and zeroing in on what’s critical for day to day management, growing revenue, and optimizing marketing spend.

360° View of Real Time Data

  • RWU Sales Support Dashboard
  • RWU Sales Efficiency Dashboard
  • RWU Sales Manager Dashboard
  • Campaign Management Dashboard
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RWU Sales Efficiency Dashboard Experience

  • Realtime snapshots of your sales team efficiency without having to look at multiple reports
  • Rodney Webb Methodology of the sales system all in one place
  • Allows your team to see where they stack up against their peers on many different metrics

RWU Sales Management Dashboard Experience

  • Executive level analytics make it easy for your management team to see KPI’s
  • Knowledge is power tool that allows management to review numbers quickly and spend more time training
  • Goal set, track and execute with components that make sense for your business

Campaign Management Dashboard Experience

  • Enabling marketers the ability to manage and execute marketing campaigns in an easy to use, highly configurable platform
  • Connect your marketing campaigns to Lead Generation, Conversion, and dollars added to the bottom line
  • Built in Campaign analytics and ROI Tracking
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Sales Efficiency Dashboard

Sales Support Dashboard Experience

  • High-level overview of your Sales Support team’s results
  • Refresh anytime for access into real time data
  • Motivate your team with daily, weekly and monthly goals
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