Opportunity and Pipeline Management Platform That Allows for Easy Data Capture
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Deal Management

Enabling contractors to move beyond spreadsheets and email, ContractorFlow offers a comprehensive and complete Opportunity and Pipeline Management platform that allows for easy data capture, sales process management, and key reports and analytics to evaluate overall cost of sales and effectiveness of your sales team.

  • Streamlined, accessible, mobile enabled Opportunity and Pipeline management for the contractor market
  • Configurable to the customer’s sales processes and methodology
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Product Selection

As all contractors know, getting the yes in that first appointment is critical for the purchase. ContractorFlow provides a quick and easy to use product selection and estimation process allowing your sales team to focus on the relationship and not the tool. Using configurable mobile-responsive screens, you can make the estimation process streamlined to fit your products, services, and business needs.

Product Selector Experience

  • Simple product selection tool that guides the sales person on selecting the right products for the job
  • Ability to build pre-made lists of products to avoid human error
  • Intuitive search allows your team to find products quickly and efficiently
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