Offering a Built in Approval Process for Opportunities
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Quote Builder Experience

  • Full loaded Quote creation tool that allows for multiple quote options for presentation to the customer
  • Ability to add products from one central location to additional quotes
  • Customizable experience for the sales person to build the perfect mix of options
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Quote Presentation Experience

  • Quote presentation tool that guides the sales person on presenting the quote, getting the yes, and overcoming objections.
  • Quote view that is catered to the customer with a built in slider worksheet for quick changes and modifications based on the feedback from the customer.
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Deal Approval and Hand off

ContractorFlow was built as a vehicle for efficiency and optimization. One critical piece in that equation is to ensure that the estimate to contract to project is comprehensive, accurate, and falls within the guidelines of your company’s expectations. Offering a built in approval process for opportunities as they transition from opportunity close to order creation supports more accurate proposals/bids and contracts.

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