How Your Construction CRM System
Will Make or Break You
Being in business more than 40 years, Lindus Construction has had our fair share of CRM (Customer Relationship Management) Systems that we have used.

For us, gone are the days of Excel spreadsheets, carbon copy contracts and QuickBooks. As our business grew, we researched and tested various CRM systems for efficiency. Our outcome is a CRM that took us from a company with $15 million in annual revenue to a company with $40 million in annual revenue without increasing internal staff. Think it’s impossible for you? It’s not and we have a solution for you.

Lindus Construction migrated over to Salesforce® seven years ago and we haven’t looked back. We knew we had reached maximum potential in our previous CRM systems and had come to the realization that using multiple programs was more taxing on our team than productive. We were prepared to invest in our future to take our company to the next level. Were there growing pains? Yes. Did we struggle as a team learning a new CRM? Yes. However, if we didn’t go through these trials and tribulations, we wouldn’t be where we are now. Going from $15 million in annual revenue to a $40 million didn’t happen without concerted efforts to fine tune our craft and build from the foundation Salesforce® provided. The end result is a system that is repeatable, but perfectible, and now scalable.

We knew what we were building day and night was going to change the world of contracting CRM’s and now we will be bringing our solution to market. It’s what you have been looking for, ContractorFlow, on the Salesforce® app exchange. The fastest way for your sales team to go from product – to estimate – to deal. Numbers don’t lie. Our goal was to build a solution that would allow our internal staff to stop spending time paper pushing and be able to see high-level real time analytics increasing employee satisfaction and production.

ContractorFlow is an end-to-end business functionality that enables contractors to execute Rodney Webb methodology and grow your business. Our configurable prospect intake process will allow you to move beyond spreadsheets streamlining the questions you ask, the data you capture and increase your efficiency in scheduling getting to your first appointment sooner. Good data in means good data out and ContractorFlow prioritizes the data needed for each job, ensures the tool doesn’t block success for your team, and utilizes the data captured to provide you and your leadership the essential analytics to run your business and optimize your team.

What are you waiting for?! Now is the time to increase your revenue, optimize your team and achieve the growth you always knew was possible.

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