Signs You Hired the Wrong Manager
Hiring the right manager is a critical component of employee retention and productivity. Many company owners opt to hire managers from within to make a quick transition.

However, just because someone performed well within their previous role, it doesn’t mean they should be a shoo-in for a management position. Equally as true, is that an outsider may not be an ideal fit for a company’s culture. There can also be resentment that an employee that is viewed as capable was passed over for a promotion. If you notice any of the below signs, it’s highly probable that the manager you hired is doing more harm than good for your organization.

Those That Report to Them Don’t Trust Them: Managers that are vague with important company or project details quickly lose trust from those that report to them. It’s vital that managers be explicit about the criticalness of an employee’s role and how they contribute to the team. Managers should also make it a goal to coach their employees and chat about advancement opportunities. This creates a culture of trust and allows an employee to feel that their manager truly cares about their future.

A Department Is a Revolving Door: People leave managers, not companies. If a specific department is continuously losing employees on a rapid basis, the manager may be to blame. That’s because a manager has so much influence on an employee’s work experience. They make the call on who works on which projects and have a deep influence on who gets promoted. A manager should also be the first person an employee reaches out to when they encounter an issue at work. Managers that do not adhere to an open-door policy are often stunned when employees resign. If a member of a team does not feel engaged, they are very unlikely to express concerns to their manager.

They Gossip: Promoting the person whose office is always buzzing with hushed tones, closed blinds, and muffled laughter can be demotivating for the entire team. A true leader is responsible for discouraging gossip and creating unity. Those that report to a manager that is a known gossip will be hesitant to share any personal information which limits the trust they have in their supervisor. Make it known that you view gossip as the lowest form of conversation and will not tolerate it within your workplace, especially for those in a management position.

The Reasons They Were Promoted Are Questionable: If a person is awarded a management position simply because they’ve been in the department the longest, they are being set up for failure. Whether you hire from within or bring in fresh talent, seek out a manager that’s confident, creative, empathetic, and enthusiastic. True leaders are committed to their teams. They are focused on the group’s collective tasks and goals.

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