Small Town Construction Business with a BIG DREAM
In 1979, Kevin Lindus was a hog farmer living in rural western Wisconsin working to make ends meet. The challenging economy had caused him to be laid off from his two most recent supplemental jobs.

A gifted craftsman, he made a bet on himself and founded Lindus Construction with his wife, Emily. Over 40 years later, the company, located in a town of just over 4,000 people generates $40 million in yearly revenue and has over 150 employees. The company continues to flourish and is now on its second generation of ownership under the leadership of Andy, Adam, and Alex Lindus.

Technology isn’t something that is rampant in the construction business. Still in present day a lot of construction companies are managing their business via spreadsheets and multiple programs having to repeat data entry. Lindus Construction started outgrowing their previous CRM and processes in 2014 and made the switch to Salesforce®. Over the last seven years, they have put incredible effort into customizing Salesforce® into a dream machine for contractors of all sizes. Countless hours were spent researching new applications, but none could perform all of the necessary functions. To resolve these issues, Lindus Construction spent nearly a decade working with the nation’s top development companies to create a custom a application that is not only perfectible, but repeatable.

In January of 2021, Lindus Construction decided to take a leap of faith on a longtime dream and package up what has been built in their existing Salesforce® org and bring that product, ContractorFlow, to market on the Salesforce® App Exchange. They have partnered with an award-winning development agency out of Minneapolis, Horizontal Digital, that has a global presence in the app development arena. They are not only a partnership for Lindus, but they are quickly turning into family with daily standups, multiple meetings a day helping bring their vision to life.

Following in the innovative footsteps of their parents, the Lindus sons take deep pride in offering software that allows contractors to have thorough, real-time data at their fingertips and have streamlined the process of product-to estimate-to deal. To ensure the app is as comprehensive and user friendly as possible, Lindus has leaned on their peer network of elite North American contractors for feedback.

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